A brand for a line of surveillance camera and video recording products that includes a brand new line of High Definition (HD) Mega Pixel surveillance cameras and a new line of Digital Video Recorders (DVR).

Image Signal Correction (ISC) Technology

To reduce any unclear images due to fog, smog, smoke, dust, rain, snow or heat waves to helping clarify any image.


Empower’s Image Motion Stabilization (IMS) Technology uses Empower’s latest embedded processing technology and video stabilization algorithm to create a state of the art real time video motion stabilizer.


 Empower’s proprietary real time Image Signal Correction (ISC) technologyis comprised of a fine-tuned high power single board computer, Empower’s proprietary LEOs (Linux Embedded Operating System) and high performance image processing software.

Surveillance Imaging Products

 Empower Imaging Labs offers its own branded surveillance camera in box or dome configuration, digital video recorder (DVR) and video stabilizer for off-the-shelve sales or for brands to OEM or ODM. Their brands are “Turbo CCTV HD” for the HD Mega Pixel surveillance camera and DVR products and “BullsEye” for video stabilizer products.